26 - 28 February, 2018
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, ARLINGTON, VA

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Securing Domain Awareness with Innovative Radar from Emerging Ground, Air and Maritime Threats From cutting edge research, to current customer needs and activities, Military Radar delivers a one-of-a-kind learning and networking experience.

1. Better Understanding on military and government needs and processes for acquisition, in order to secure the bid.

2. Discover New Emerging Technologies and innovative Strategies, improving interoperability and radar capabilities to enhance operation efficiencies.

3. Test New Technologies during our Demo Drive, evaluate and analyze new technology to advance operations.

4. Dive into Policy and Requirements, learn about compliance requirements for next generation radar technology.

5. 10+ Hours of Networking with military experts eager to discuss new challenges & new solutions. Get an inside perspective in order to be the best solution provider in the radar community.

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Past Attendee Snapshot

Now in its tenth year, IQPC is proud to once again host the Military Radar Summit this February 27 - March 1, 2017 in Washington, D.C. Past attendees of the event range from C-suite executives and Vice Presidents of radar development, to engineers and analysts. Take a look at this summary of experts who have joined us at previous events.

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Military Radar Summit Attendee Snapshot

Take a sneak peek at who you can expect to network with at the event!

Current Attendee Snapshot

Now in its tenth year, IQPC is proud to once again host the Military Radar Summit this February 27 - March 1, 2017 in Washington, D.C. Get a better understanding of the experts and industry professionals who are set to join us at this year's event, including Chief Scientists, Directors, Lieutenants, Managers, Principal Engineers, Sergeants, and Vice Presidents.

Exclusive Content

2016 Military Radar E-Magazine

From the last iteration of the Military Radar Summit, the first annual Military Radar E-Magazine. We have put together some of the most thought provoking articles and interviews about Military Radar, including experts weighing in on cognitive radar, an interview with Dr. Joseph R. Guerci, IEEE Fellow and Chairman of the summit (including a personal letter from him), an article about prioritizing critical radar initiatives, and more! Enjoy this year's Military Radar Summit Magazine. 

Inside Military Radar at DARPA with Roy Olsson

In this interview from a previous iteration of the Military Radar Summit, Dr. Roy (Troy) Olsson, Program Manager in the Microsystems Technology Office at DARPA, sheds light on the challenges faced at DARPA, where efforts are currently focused, how Adaptive RF Technologies translate into a military situation, the development of elemental digital beam forming (DBF) as a game changer for radar systems, and more.

NORAD's Perspective on Radar: Interview with Lieutenant General Pierre St-Amand

In anticipation of the 10th Annual Military Radar Summit, we spoke with Lieutenant General Pierre St-Amand (RCAF), Deputy Commander, NORAD, about his participation at the summit, as well as some of the future strategies of NORAD. During our conversation, the Lieutenant General provided insight into NORAD's plans and strategies on aerospace warning and aerospace control missions, addressing radar interference from authorized and unauthorized activity, innovative solutions to combat aerospace and maritime threats, and more.

The Next Steps for the Next Generation Program: Interview with Commander Ernest Winston

Ahead of the 10th Annual Military Radar Summit, Commander Ernest Winston, Airborne Electronic Attack Requirements Officer, U.S. Navy, provides insight into The Next Generation Jammer program, including its technological advancements, lessons learned, and strategies for addressing emerging threats.


FCC Regulation of the Manufacture, Development & Testing of Military Radars and Communications Systems; Experimental Licensing of RF Tests to Support Military Contracts and IR&D

Jeffrey Rummel, Partner at Arent Fox, speaks about timely preparation and submission of an application, pre-coordination with FAA, NTIA, Army, Air Force, etc., and more in his presentation from the last iteration of the Military Radar Summit. 

NORAD & Arctic Challenges

In this presentation from last year's Military Radar Summit, Brian Lihani, Deputy Chief, Aerospace Warning Branch from NORAD, shares an overview of the state of legacy assets and performancecapability upgrades that need to be reached, explains Over the Horizon Radar’s role in the arctic and anunderstanding of its limitations, and more! 

Emerging Radars Technologies for Arctic Surveillance

As one of the speakers on the Securing Consistent Military Intelligence in the Arctic Region panel from the 2016 Military Radar Summit, Tony Ponsford, Site Technical Director at Raytheon, speaks specifically about the emerging radars technologies for arctic surveillance. 

Exclusive Content

Principles of Modern Radar: Advanced Techniques

Principles of Modern Radar: Advanced Techniques is a professional reference for practicing engineers, including Joseph R. Guerci that provides a stepping stone to advanced practice with in-depth discussions of the most commonly used advanced techniques for radar design. It will also serve advanced radar academic and training courses with a complete set of problems for students as well as solutions for instructors.

The Global Military Radar Market 2012-2022

This sample report looks at the global defense industry investment in the development of technologies to enhance the accuracy and resolution of radars. The demand for light weight and space saving radars is increasing sharply as more and more aircraft are being equipped with the latest in radar technology.

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