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26 - 28 February, 2018
Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport, ARLINGTON, VA

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High Frequency Geolocation Program

The ability to accurately resolve multiple angles of- arrival and polarization states through novel antenna concepts, as well as the ability to enhance signal-to-noise ratio, signal detection and source geolocation with multidimensional adaptive signal processing. If you would like this sent directly to your inbox, just email with the...

Spectrum Interoperability for Defense and Commerce

To meet the ever-increasing demand for spectrum, spectrum sharing will be required; sharing has even been called a strategic imperative.Mr. Gremban discussed current approaches to spectrum sharing and some of the enablers that need to mature to take sharing to the next level. If you would like this sent directly...

Addressing Spectrum Challenges

An interactive discussion on the FCC experimental license, addressing the challenges of modernization whilst meeting standards and requirements. Balancing increased range and bandwidth to meet the needs of military and government agencies. Enhancing operations with new technology. If you would like this sent directly to your inbox, just email

Military Radar Post Show Report

Did you miss the 2017 Military Radar Summit, or want a refesher of who was there? Well we have the resource for you! Check out the 2017 MIlitary Radar Post Show Report today. Featuring attendee snapshots, quotes, featured speakers and more, this is a can't miss read. If you want...

Widening Threat Environment Drives Global Military Radar Market

The need for increased capability to spot and identify enemy air, land and sea targets, while also upgrading the ability to detect incoming enemy aircraft, missiles or drones are expected to spark growth in the global military radar market over the next 10 years. This piece speaks to where how...

2018 Military Radar e-Magazine

From our last iteration of the Military Radar Summit, the Third annual Military Radar E-Magazine. We have put together some of the most thought provoking articles and interviews on Military Radar including, Army IBCS Missile Defense System Tracks Jets Despite Jamming and NORAD’s Perspective on Radar, a personal letter from...

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Joe Guerci

We sat down with Dr. Joseph R. Guerci, Chairman of the 11th Military Radar Summit, and asked him his thoughts on the future of Radar. Take a look at his thought provoking answers here.