Radar and Radio Range Simulation - Using Fiber Optic Delay Lines - By Jerry Lomurno and Joe Mazzochette

Fiber Optic Delay Line systems (FODL) are used in test and development laboratories to eliminate outdoor range testing of radio and radar systems. Outdoor range testing is costly, complex and time-consuming.  The key advantage of FODL system technology is the repeatability of the simulation. FODL eliminates environmental anomalies such as weather and other interfering transmissions. Planning and preparation costs of setting up range tests alone all too often lost due to very minor unforeseen operational and system errors. Thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours, can be saved using FODL in place of, or together with, reduced range testing.

The main advantages of FODL systems are:

  • Dramatic savings in test cost and time, keeping projects on time and under budget
  • Accuracy, repeatability, and reliability
  • In-lab testing up to 150 miles including "range formula" level set
  • Designers can perform device under test (DUT) optimization in lab
  • Brings testing into 21st century by combining optics with microwave technology

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